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Remember to Breathe

Remember to Breathe Cover

Remember to Breathe: Attempts at Music, 2005

25 copies.

Remember to Breathe collects four creative essays and six original pieces of artwork.  Part of my M.A. thesis in the Creative Writing and Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore, the work contains essay fragments that simultaneously deconstruct in narrative and form.  They “attempt” to tell the stories of blues artist Peppermint Harris, the production of the musical Hair, the breakdown and mythology of classical composer Niccolo Paganini, and my own experiences as audience member of the opera Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District to reveal the work itself as the unworking of the artist.  The book cover is printed on vellum and bound by violin and guitar strings.  67 pages.





Inscription above:  This book was set in Cochin on Adobe InDesign/Photoshop.  All aspects of the production of this book were completed by the author with a sketchpad, his iMac G5, an hp all-in-one printer-scanner-copier, and a Black & Decker 3/8″ reversible drill.