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Creative Work


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For more on Marcel Lecomte, click here.

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Essays, Commentaries, & Creative Non-Fiction

“A Taste of Peppermint,” R.kv.r.y. Quarterly Literary Journal 12.4 (Fall 2015): n. pag.

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Artist Books

Phloxes Mutter. (Baltimore, MD: Textshop Experiments, 2016).  20 copies.

Bug Hunt. (Wilmington, DE: Magpiety Press, 2010).  50 copies.

Spectatorship. (Wilmington, DE: Magpiety Press, 2010).  22 copies.

Remember to Breathe: Attempts at Music. M.A. Thesis, 2005. (Baltimore: University of Baltimore, 2005).  25 copies.

the troubles that come . . . with reading. (Baltimore: Eclectus Press, 2004). 20 copies.

Since my graduate studies in the Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore in 2004, I have created over two dozen little books: comb-bound, staple-bound, taped, and glued . . . stitched with ribbon and with string and even with the strings of musical instruments . . . ripped, shredded, wrinkled and folded . . . origami, playing cards, greeting cards, and prayer flags.  Please click on the hyper-linked titles above for a description of these two works.  Click here for my brief reflection on Artist Books.

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“For the Crows” (poem). (Baltimore, MD: Hot Air Press, 2015).

“An Ode. For the 4th of July 1788.” (poem by Francis Hopkinson).  (Baltimore, MD: K. A. Wisniewski, 2017).


Digital Projects

A list of my digital projects, including music and videos, are coming soon!

In the meantime, I am currently building MD BY MAIL, a website dedicated to studying the post offices of Maryland . . . A brief description is posted under Current Projects.  Check it out!

LINKS DEMO copy In addition, with Felix Burgos, I am currently building the Ulmer Textshop, a critical companion website to the forthcoming Electracy: Gregory L. Ulmer’s Textshop Experiments edited by Gregory L. Ulmer, Craig Saper and Victor J. Vitanza and published in the Emergence Series (edited by Victor E. Taylor) by Noesis Press, an imprint of The Davies Group, Publishers.textshop logo


Longfellow Engraving

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