The Projector

Amusements & Useful Devices from K. A. Wisniewski



Spectatorship, 2010

22 copies.

Enter the world of viral videos and Like buttons, of stars, stalkers, fans, and impersonators.  A critique of celebrity culture, Reality TV, social networking sites, and various YouTube phenomena, the twenty poems collected here explore the ship of the spectator, how these spectators evolve into interpreters, critics, and even participants themselves.  The poems’ narrators expose some of the psychologies of spectatorship that envelop the everyday: what drives us to not only search for, share, and develop relationships with those characters in the center of the spectacle but also what motivates us to be like them, despite witnessing (sometimes simultaneously cringing and savoring) their absurd rise to popularity and sometimes tragic return to obscurity.  Two-sewn-as-one with a softcover. 26 pages.