The Projector

Amusements & Useful Devices from K. A. Wisniewski

DH Samples

Selected Readings

Two recordings of my poem “For the Crows” published in 2015 by Hot Air Press as a letterpress broadside.


Selected Music

The first track was recorded in 2010 after a Christmas holiday in Germany.  The second recorded the following year and was later used for a student documentary project co-produced with Landry Digeon in 2013. The final track is a clip from Francis Hopkinson’s opera Temple of Minerva (1781).  The opera is among a number of Hopkinson compositions recorded between 1900-1963 for phonograph cylinders and as gramophone vinyl records that I am digitizing for the Francis Hopkinson Society.



Selected Videos

Clip One is an excerpt from my multimedia installation at UMBC with Felix Burgos and Landry Digeon.  Invoking Guy Debord and Kenny Goldsmith, my contribution to this installation was a series of videos compiled from live webcams in Baltimore and read as visual poetry.  Artist Lynn Tomlinson created the second video for a series of workshops on digital literacy led by Craig Saper and me.  Completed with Felix Burgos, the final film is a Call for Contributors for the , an online, collaborative project serving as a critical companion to Greg Ulmer’s anthology Electracy.




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