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Before 2008

Talks & Presentations Before 2008

“Exploring the Wild: Reconstructing the Founding Fathers’ Encounters with Wilderness,” The Idea of America: Dreams, Desires, and Disasters, The American Studies Graduate Committee, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, September 27-30, 2007.

“The Importance of Being Idle: Procrastination in the Modern Confessional,” Rubbish, Waste, and Litter: Culture and Its Refuse/als, Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Warsaw, Poland, November 17-18, 2006.

“The Dangerous Mother and the Victim Child: A Post-feminist Approach towards the Cinematic Motifs,” Creative Arts, Film, and Media Conference, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, November 26-27, 2005.

Reviewed by Julia Peck, “Conference Reports,” Scope: An Online Journal of Film and TV Studies 5 (2006).

“Between Knowledge and Power: Positioning the Child in M. Night Shyamalan Films,” Cinema/Cinemas, Literature/Film Association Conference, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, October 13-16, 2005.

“Monstrous Women and their Prey in Science Fiction Films,” Pounce! Predators, Parasites and Critics:  Interdisciplinary Approaches to Living Off of Others.  2nd Annual Conference for Graduate Students for Comparative Literature and Literary Studies, University of Texas at Austin, October 7-8, 2005.

“The Lore of Music: Classical Orpheus transformed as Sir Orfeo and Robert Johnson,” Medieval Crossroads Panel, South Atlantic Modern Language Association 2004 Convention, Roanoke, VA, November 13, 2004.

“Feminism in Film:  Finding the Future Female in Ridley Scott’s Science Fiction,” Changing the Subject: Feminist Theories and Practices, Women Studies Graduate Organization 4th Annual Conference, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, February 27-28, 2004.

“Atheistic Humanism in the Philosophical Novel, in particular Richard Wright’s The Outsider and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment,” Villa Julie College Student/Faculty Symposium, Stevenson, MD, February 18, 2003.

“The Significance of the Works of Thomas Bewick, with Emphasis on Quadrupeds and Birds,Romanticism and Enlightenment Symposium, Lancaster University, History of Science Department, February 22, 2002.

“A New Breed:  A Re-evaluation of Ebenezer Cooke’s poem ‘The Sot-weed Factor; or, a Voyage to Maryland, &c.,” Literary Locations, First Annual Maryland Undergraduate Conference, Villa Julie College, Stevenson, MD, April 7, 2001.

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