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Chappelle @ Radio City

DaveChappelle Radio City


This past week, it was announced that Dave Chappelle will do a number of shows at the Radio City Music Hall, June 20-27. To promote the shows, last night, Chappelle was a guest on Letterman.

The return of Chappelle has been highly speculated and anticipated for the past several years with a number of surprise appearances at comedy clubs and  a few false starts, including the show he did at Hartford, CT, this past fall which received a bit of media attention because of an unruly crowd.

While I won’t be attending any of these shows–they sold out within minutes of being announced–I’m definitely interested in what the comedian has lined up next and how the next phase of his career will evolve.

In the meantime, check out the full Chappelle/Letterman interview here…




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