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The Train Garden

For the past thirty years, my father has built and displayed a train set for the holidays.  What started with one train and a handful of buildings has grown into a huge eight-platform exhibit with five O-scale trains dozens of structures–each documenting the history and evolution of the collection from 1950s Plasticville to the much more contemporary porcelain Christmas Villages of Department 56–and hundreds of people, trees, and moveable–and musical–parts. . .

Below, you’ll find a number of photos from this year’s display . . . this year because each season new pieces are added to the collection (and, unfortunately, not every piece makes it to the final product anymore).  But, each Christmas, it’s a new display, and what a joy it is to see the neighborhood kids marvel at the passing trains whistle by and puff smoke, the skiers racing down the slopes, the dump trucks loading and unloading construction sundries, and, of course, a miniature Santa and his elves making toys and getting ready for long journey to deliver presents!

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To honor my dad and his now three-decade tradition with trains, I thought it would be a great idea to capture some of this on film. (Why haven’t we done this before?!?)  Below, you’ll find some raw footage of what was capture.  A digital story will follow in the upcoming weeks! Please enjoy!


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