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The Ulmer Textshop Goes Live!

Ulmer CoverFor the past year, I served as an editorial assistant on Greg Ulmer’s collection of essays Electracy: Gregory L. Ulmer’s Textshop ExperimentsThe anthology compiles a number of Ulmer’s previously published essays related to his concept of electracy, the pedagogy and application of grammatology, and the invention of a logic or rhetoric for the Internet age.

Following the studies of Walter Ong and Marshall McLuhan, Ulmer traces the historical shift in apparatus from orality to literacy as an analogy to explain our current turn towards a digital culture.  And Ulmer reminds us that this new epoch brings more than an electronic literacy; it is something that affects all areas of our lives.  It is an apparatus that calls us to participate.

In the fall, Felix Burgos and I began talking about creating an online space where scholars, students, and the public could create and share their own experiments in electracy, multimodal works that might serve as other models for the future of writing in the digital age.  I am pleased to say that the result is The Ulmer Textshop.

Read as a critical companion to Ulmer’s project, this project is now live and will be accepting submissions that reflect, re-interpret, or utilize the Electracy anthology as a blueprint, a guide-book, or a recipe for composing new academic writing for the Arts and Letters and investigating the best methods for digital rhetoric.

We are currently compiling our Advisory Board which already includes the book’s editors Craig Saper and Victor Vitanza and the series editor Victor Taylor, as well as Ulmer himself!

Although we are still in the early stages of building content for this website, please visit us this spring.  Our call for contributors is available below.

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