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Switching to Summer Gears… and Marcel Lecomte’s “Carnival”

As I switch gears this summer to complete chapters on my dissertation, I predict that I won’t add many posts to this blog throughout the summer.

Marcel Lecomte photo

Marcel Lecomte.

I have nearly completed two translation projects for Fall submissions: Julien Burri’s novella Poupée and a selection of poems from Belgian surrealist Marcel Lecomte.  While I take a break from these projects, I thought it might be nice to reminisce on what’s been achieved with a short recording of one previously published poem from Lecomte (below).  The poem is entitled “Carnival” and originally appears in his first book of poems Demonstrations (1922).


This translation first appeared in the Fall 2012 issue of MayDay Magazine.  For a list of my Lecomte translations, please visit my Creative Works page and, click here, for a brief biographical sketch of Lecomte.

Please enjoy!


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