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Textshop Experiments is an open access journal that aims to extend the work of Greg Ulmer and to foster experimental works that invent, operate in, or analyze the apparatus of Electracy.  We welcome innovative and hybrid works in new media and original scholarship on reading and writing, rhetoric, and culture.

The journal is currently soliciting articles for its upcoming issues: The Textshop (T)issue & Monumentality: Tours & Detours.  Below are a few of the posters and flyers promoting these upcoming issues.

Issue #1: Textshop (T)issues

For our inaugural issue, the editors seek multi-modal projects that act as a supplement or response to Ulmer’s latest collection of essays, Electracy: Gregory L. Ulmer’s Textshop Experiments (Davies Group, 2015).  To join the experiment, participants engage in the familiar practice of note-taking.  Here, these “written readings” are taken up as a craft that allow various possibilities of understanding and creating new theory.

The first (t)issue begins with the premise of notes on napkins, scraps of paper, jottings, scribbles, and other impulsive schemes around the term electracy and heuretics.  Submissions may be delivered in a variety of forms:

  • Notebook excerpts, scraps of paper, & meeting transcripts
  • Cartoons, sketches, & doodles
  • Charts, maps, graphs, & diagrams
  • Video logs & lectures
  • Audio diaries & seminar sound bytes
  • Email exchanges and social media posts
  • And other ephemeral records, especially the ones we haven’t thought of.

Files may be sent as doc/docx, jpeg, mp3 and mp4s.   These files should be accompanied by a short critical or contextual statement by the creators (no more than 2000 words.)  Submissions are due March 1.

Submission files and preliminary queries should be sent to the editors at:  Please provide your name, institutional affiliation, and a short bio in the text of the email.


Scholars and artists interested in composition and rhetoric, literary, digital culture, new media studies, literature and history, and memory and remembrance and encouraged to check it out . . . Half-baked schemes, mumbled marginalia, & electrate cheat-sheets welcome.  Open up your archives and share your notes on electracy!  We want to follow your trails of footnotes & chains of associations!

Textshop Experiments


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