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The Textshop (T)issue

I am pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Textshop Experiments (ISSN: 2377-9039).

This issue collects a variety of experimental essays, tissues, in one way or another, connected to the book Electracy: Gregory L. Ulmer’s Textshop Experiments, or to the methodologies of electracy, coined by scholar Gregory L. Ulmer.  According to Ulmer, electracy “is to digital media what literacy is to print.”  It is relative to orality and literacy as a new apparatus, and Ulmer encourages us to participate in the invention of this historical shift.  These tissues are part of this experimentation, this conversation.

Electracy Apparatus

Textshop Experiments is an open access journal that aims to extend the work of Greg Ulmer and to foster experimental works that invent, operate in, or analyze the apparatus of Electracy.  We welcome innovative and hybrid works in new media and original scholarship on reading and writing, rhetoric, and culture.

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Textshop Experiments Issue 1 Release Poster

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