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Announcing the Release of Tours & Detours: Textshop Experiments

It’s been a busy winter so far.  I’ll resume my monthly posts shortly. In the meantime, in case you missed it, in December, Felix Burgos and I published the second issue of Textshop Experiments.  I hope you take a moment to take a look at some of the wonderful work included in this issue.  Thanks to all those who contributed.  And please stay tuned for news on upcoming issues and calls for papers.  Our next publication is an open issue . . . And we look forward to reading your work!





Introduction: Tours & Detours
K. A. Wisniewski

Designing (De)tours

Making Repulsive Monuments
Barry Mauer & John Venecek

Geo-Graphic Storytelling and Kónsult Comics: Preliminary Notes Toward a(nother) Tourist Theory-Hobby
Sergio C. Figueiredo

Transmuting Monuments
Felix Burgo

Asylum Archive: An Archive of Asylum and Direct Provision in Ireland
Vukasin Nedeljkovic

Legacies of Fort Hill
April O’Brien, Eric Stephen, Stephen J. Quigley & Brian Gaines

Cycling as Prisoner’s Dilemma: Rhetoric as a Negotiation between Competition and Cooperation
Matthew Newcomb

Diversions, Disasters & Developments

The Annotated Bibliography of Clearcutting, Volume 1
Christopher Davenport

Bearing, Witnessing, and Standing The Mass Appeal of Unsustainable Development Practices
Lauren Mitchell

Cones Intersecting Planes: Four Diagrams With Accompanying Anecdotal Comments
Curt Cloninger

A Collaborative Diversion
matthews and allen

Personal Excursions & Pedagogical Practice

Waters of the Past
Tracey M. Benson

Fatherhood, Veganism, and Masculinity
Michael Loadenthal

Practical Theory: A Creative Approach to Design-Arts Education in Melbourne, Australia
David Prescott-Steed

Reflection, Detours, and Postpedagogical Practice
Megan M. McIntyre


Nowa Huta, Krakow’s Model Socialist District, Then and Now: An Interview with Kinga Pozniak
Piotr Florczyk






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