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Paper Infographics

Walter Ong’s classic Orality and Literacy will be one of the first texts we’ll read in my “History of Paper” course this fall.  Attached to this reading/discussion, I’ll ask each student to construct a visual representation of this work, an infographic depicting the visual transformation of language or rather the apparatus shift from oral or literate/print culture.

In recent months, I’ve used this blog as a bookmark tool for myself for upcoming coursework, sharing videos and notes with readers.  Below is a small set of the infographics found online that may be used to introduce visualizations and design to the class.

Although I hope some students construct their visualizations from scratch (via Photoshop, etc.), there are some really good free tools online that offer students an easy way to build and organize their “data.”  Below is a short list of some of the sites I’ll recommend (links are provided):

1.   Canva Infographic Maker

2.   Visualize.Me



5.   Piktochart

6.   Venngage

It’s been some time since I’ve made one as well, so I may have to join the fun as well!  Although sometimes it’s just as much fun to read what other’s have included (and omitted) in their own work!

What’s missing in these timelines?



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