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This week I received an email notification from WordPress that five years ago I opened this account / website.  Although I receive about 250 visitors each month now, I have no idea who’s reading this . . . or why!  But thank you!  It’s a strange hodge-podge of work, I know. (It occurs to me now this may be the first time I’ve directly addressed the readers!!!)

2012.  This marks the winter I started my journey into the Digital Humanities and WordPress, this site, was my introduction (discounting the required readings of folks like Janet Murray, Sherry Turkle, Stuart Moulthrop, and others and a long series of credited and non-credited courses on graphic design and audio-video making and editing).

I’m not sure if I had any particular plan for the website when I started it.  Maybe just a place to visually collect my work on the Internet–the typical space for some Internet presence, and initial step in self-branding–or as a way to document my progress through various DH texts, digital platforms and programs and languages, etc.

100+ posts later, the site’s turned into a wide scope image of a range of interests and projects, ranging from book/exhibition and program/platforms reviews, progress reports on my research, Internet bookmarks and resources, and reflections on teaching activities and experiments.

I have a lot in the pipeline . . .

I’ve having a great time with my History of Paper course, so you can expect a few updates and reflections on this, especially my work on papermaking.  And there’s some great work forthcoming from projects like Calypso Editions, Beyond Criticism, Roving Eye Press, and Textshop Experiments.  I’m also excited to announce that I recently reprinted a copy of Francis Hopkinson’s poem “Ode” and am working on an essay related to both the history of the poem and my work reprinting it….  But in the meantime, I am completing revisions on two other essays forthcoming for publication.  There might even be a video or two coming soon….  More on all of this soon!

Thanks again to all of those readers represented on the map below!

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