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Returning to the Blog: 2019 and the Road Ahead

The second half of the 2018 was a little rocky for blogging.  It was a time of transition here.

I defended my dissertation and transitioned to a new teaching position in the English Department at the University of Maryland.  And I finished a few big projects and started the research and planning of a few others.  As such, the posts on this blogs waned for the fall semester.  But I hope to return to my bi-weekly posts by March.

For me, the blog is a way to stay active; to remain disciplined and continue to write; and to share news, ideas, and progress.  They are little prompts to get my brain working, to get my fingers moving, and to work up the energy to work through larger ongoing projects.  Although, on occasion, I’ll share news and works in progress, many of the posts here will continue to be reflections on and resources for teaching and smaller vignettes and ideas I’m interested in or thinking through in the moment.

Since I’m introducing a number of new (and old) tools and resources to my freshmen classes, I may start here.  Free online books, digital exhibitions, online resources, infographics and metrics . . . I’ve got a lot churning now.

You can expect more news about Textshop Experiments, Beyond Criticism, and other ongoing projects.

But the point is, I’m back!





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This entry was posted on February 7, 2019 by in Work Report / Progress.
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