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Lest We Forget! A Poem


The World is Round and Very Wet!

By Bob Brown

Pilsener beer from a
tall frosted glass
at Luchow’s
            Grandma’s dark elderberry win
            with mystery and
            Edgar Allan Poe
            lurking in it
from the soft South
            Red ink in glutinous
            spaghetti dumps
Lavish richness of
Boldini canvases and
1904 Chateau Yquem
            Crusty Napoleon brandy
            just polishing off its
            first hundred years
Whisky and soda
sticky warm
at the United Arts Club
in Piccadilly
            Amontillado and vats of
            Christ’s last tears
            in Jerez
Swedish punch in Stockholm
an “Oley” at the Viking
in Montparnasse
            Toothsome aguardiente
            for molar trouble
Jersey Apple Jack
singing “All Bound Round
With a Woolen String”
            Stone ale at
            Sweet’s on Front Street
Black bitter stout
brewed from tar-paper
            A spice-scented Benedictine
            for halitosis
Forbidden Fruit from
an orange-shaped flask
in a neighbor’s basement
            Rum blacker than the bar-tender
            on the wharves of Jamaica
Warm rice wine
like soft Spring rain
with Micho Ito
            Fruity port
            in the butler’s pantry
Milky pulque
and a slimy green palm drink
out of a drug store window bowl
in Tehauntepec
            Arrac with a refugee
            on a bale of oriental rugs
            in other wise colorless Corfu
Head-tightening chicha
from a bull’s horn
at the cattle fair
in Santiago de Chile
            Pimm’s Cup topped with
            innocent blue-eyed borage
            soft thistle down
            in the throat
Turkish coffee
in the cool dusk
of the Grand Bazaar
at Stamboul
            A stiff powdered sprig of mint
            beckoning from the
            joyous julep
            at the American Club, London
The last bottle of
Chateau La Tour Blanche
in Texas
            A goe of saki
            in Nagasaki
            celebrating on golden tatami
            with a rainbow of geisha girls
A bottle-fountain of
sparkling Bungundy
bubbling in honor of Bacchus
            Honey-tongued mead
            direct descendant of the
            Middle Ages
A mast of Märzen at the
            serpent-tongued Chartreuse
            one eye glinting yellow
            the other winking green
Red mata ratos in Sevilleéeéure Death—
to mice and men
but a pleasant one
            A brimming communion cup
            full of Kirschwasser
Cherry brandy
crimson as a lip-stick kiss
            a sizzling Sazzerack
            in old New Orleans
            pitch-forked in the gullet
A Romos gin fizz
backed up
by a dozen cock oysters
            Eau de Vie de Danzig
            the gold-tooth dentist
Cocktail Mexicano
quaintly flavored with oil of
worms of maguey
            Cool kummel
            from a swan-necked bottle
            with an inviting spray of
            sugar coated Edelweiss
            sparkling as Christmas frost
Anis del Mono
bottled Spanish sunshine
            Persian rose-water tipples
            called “Bottled Kisses”
            by the dimple naveled
            ladies of Mohammed’s Court
Tokay from a finger-stopper flask
at Little Hungary
brighter than all Budapest
Pousse café
            a ring at a time
            like the tail of a marmoset
Absinthe dripped from
Les Fleurs de Mal
of Baudelaire
            Aristocratic vodka and
            humble paraty
Pisco stiffly erect
with a sword
for a back-bone
            Standing on a chair
            in St. Pauli
            to gurgle a kugel and
            Tanz am Tisch
Worm-woody vermouth
            Starting New Years right
            with Tom and Jerrys,
Crême de menthe frappé
and a cat’s glowing eyes
up a dark alley
            Sherry mulled with a poker in
            a Greenwich Village attic
A pail of suds
with the wash-woman
            Sickish gin-and-tonics
            with sickly “Limeys”
A Prairie Oyster all alone
on a dusty desert morn
            Soft samshu
            from a denter pewter pot
            at Shanghai’s babbling
            New World
Herring sizzled in cachaça
and a funnel-full of
red-eyed green swizzle
            An eloquent egg-nog
            frothing at the mouth
Rhine-wine and seltzer
at the old weinstube
on Union Square
ten cents a big bumper
            Bobbing for luscious hazel-nuts
            in swell champagne cocktails
Strawberry Capri
from a golden-strawed bottle
            A tall Tom Collins and
            a long thirst.



*The poem first appeared in Bob Brown’s Nomadness (Dodd, Mead, 1931).

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